VBXPick Warehouse Picking

In today’s retail distribution centres most companies operate complex facilities that are based on time-critical picking. The efficiency of the warehouse is of vital importance and with thousands of picks to be performed every hour of every day, the accuracy of the picking performed by the warehouse staff has to be as high as possible.

The biggest cost to a warehouse is labour, therefore a warehouse manager wants the fastest, most accurate solution to turn goods around as quickly as possible.  In recent years, customers’ expectations of companies to provide same day shipment has put greater emphasis on reducing cycle times from days to hours or minutes.  In a complex and high intensity warehouse where there are multiple picking locations that require pickers to be fast and accurate the most popular choice to date to achieve this is voice picking.

Forklift warehouse

Until now!


Even though voice currently is thought to be the most productive way to pick, our VBXPick solution gives the benefit of voice pick rates without the pitfalls.

VBXPick delivers a step change increase in picker efficiency and accuracy, based on a multi platform  and intuitive mobile “app” technology. Implementation is straight forward and ROIs of months, as opposed to years, are easily realisable.

VBXPick improves picker efficiency by :

  • Keeping the worker on the work floor, eliminating non picking tasks, and so reducing “walk-time”.
  • Picker doesn’t need to return to the office at the start and end of each task.
  • Paper lists are eliminated, reducing the consumable cost, and eliminating the need for an operator to man the printer.
  • VBXPick handles the orders in “real time”, so the pick information is always up to date, and there no need to wait for the picker to return with his/her paperwork , before performing manual updates for no-stocks.
  • Database updates are applied as soon as the picker completes a line at the pick face.
  • The warehouse manager has instant visibility of the current work status, both at the shift level and the picker level.
  • Individual pick productivity is recorded and can easily be monitored both historically and in real time.
  • VBXPick makes it possible to introduce additional real time processes, beyond picking.
  • VBXPick maintains an up to date stock position for each pick face, allowing for real time pick face replenishment to be implemented.
  • Further VBXPick can allow for perpetual inventory to be carried out by the pickers.
  • VBXPick knows when the last few items should be left at any pick face, and can choose this time to ask the picker to perform a perpetual physical inventory check.

The “app” type interface allows easy implementation of addition services above and beyond the pick process. VBXPick allows message communication between office and pickers, and even between pickers if required.

VBXPick can allow pickers to report spillages/damages, and to notify housekeeping teams.

VBXPick allows the picker to call up additional product data if needed, data such as product descriptions and even product images.

VBXPick can even allow pickers to take images at the pick face and send them to the office.

Picking accuracy is achieved using , the now industry standard, check digits. The picker confirms that they are the location by indicating the check digits they find at the pick face.
Where even further accuracy is required, VBXPick can allow confirmation by barcode scan. This additional confirmation can be conditional, and only requested for a sub-set of pick faces.

VBXPick has its roots in FMCG retail and is based on over 30 years experience of designing and implementing of warehouse pick to order systems. VBXPick is easy to implement with a clean TCP sockets interface into existing warehouse management systems.

VBXPick runs on the pervasive Android operating system, and can use a plethora of devices from consumer tablets to dedicated OPU terminals.

Android allows for easy customisation and modification of the end user pick process, whilst still maintaining the interface to the back end management system.

VBXPick is available on a number of affordable devices to meet the requirements of your business.

• Dedicated OPU Terminal
• Wearable Android Device
• Mobile Device
• Consumer tablet.